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37 runs by chris gayle in IPL ( indian premier league )

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391-4 v Bangladesh at Nottingham in 2005

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Q: What is the highest run score in 1 over in English cricket?
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What is the highest score possible to be made off one over in cricket?

one can only score 36 runs,since there are only 6 balls & one can score upto 6 runs in a single ball. but there are instance of scoring more than 36 due to extra given

What is the highest run score in 1 over in twenty twenty?

the highest score in one over in t20 is 36 runs by Virat Kohli and by Shahid Afridi scored 34 runs in 1 over.........

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Super over happens when both the teams have same score.

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In English cricket how many balls are bowled in a normal over?


6 b in an o?

6 balls in an over English sports, cricket

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