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Q: What is the highest price paid for a piece of basketball memorabilia?
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What is the highest price paid for sports memorabilia?

2.8 million Honus Wagner baseball card once owned by Wayne Gretzky and given away in a raffle by Walmart.

When was Tony Price - basketball - born?

Tony Price - basketball - was born on 1957-01-05.

What is the average price for a basketball?

The average price of a basketball is about $20.00. $15 for a good starter one, and up to $60 for a professional, quality basketball.

What was the price of a basketball in 1920s?


Average basketball price?

The average basketball price for men or women is typically between $20 and $50. It isn't usual to pay more than that for the basic basketball that will meet all your basketball needs.

What was the highest price a Piet Mondrian piece got sold for?

'Composition avec bleu, rouge, jaune et noir': sold for $27,191,525 in 2009.

What is the highest price ticket at the super bowl?


Highest stock price appreciation in one day?

the highest stock price appreciation in one day?

When was the highest oil price?

The highest yearly average price of oil was in 2008 when it was ~$92 per barrell.

What was the highest price reached for a barrel of crude oil in 2008?

The highest price was reached in July 2008, with a per-barrel price of $128.08

What is the highest and lowest priced property in the old monopoly?

The highest price property was Boardwalk, which had a price of $400. The lowest price is $60 for Mediterranean.

What is price of basketball?

The prices can range from 5-125 dollars depending on what kind of basketball it is.

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