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That would be 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/ 9/9 Which would amount to 190.

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Q: What is the highest possible score you could get in a game of bowling without throwing at least one strike?
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What is the highest bowling series without having thrown a 300 game?

In a three game series, the highest score achievable without throwing a 300 game would be 897 (299 + 299 + 299 = 897).

What is the highest possible score in bowling with no strikes?

190If you throw a spare in the first frame (doesn't matter the count of the first ball) then throw 9 spare for the rest of the game in each frame with a 9 on your final ball in the 10th your score would be 190. The highest score without throwing a strike.

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