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[15 if you managed to pot every red on the table in one shot.]

Actually it's 16 if you start with a free ball and all 15 reds on the table!

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Q: What is the highest possible score in one shot in snooker?
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What is the highest possible score in one shot in billiards?

This depends upon the game being played - in Straight Pool it is possible to score 14 points on one shot.

What is the highest score in archery?

The highest score available in a single shot is a score of 10.

Can you go minus in snooker?

No, if your score is zero and you play a foul shot your opponent gains points.

How do you score 12 in one shot in snooker?

The only way is if you pot 12 reds at once. Anything else would be a foul shot.

Can you get more than a 147break if your opponent has hit a foul shot?

It is possible to get a higher score than 147 but that is the highest break possible. A foul shot from your opponent in which you are awarded points is technically not part of your break.

Can you score 4 basketball points in 1 shot?

You cannot; the highest you can score is a 3-pointer.

What is a snooker shot called?

Quite simply a shot.

What is the highest possible score in a snooker match?

The highest break in a snooker match is 155. To get this break your opposition must foul and leave a "free ball" or her shot immediately before the break began. The player can then pot the free ball worth 1 point, follow it with a black worth 7, and then complete a standard 147 break by potting 15 reds, 15 blacks and all the colours. So their initial 8 points of the break and the 147 of the rest of the break gives 155.

What is the highest break in pool?

Scoring is not an issue in pool, therefore there is no "highest" break. In that particular form of billiards, the break is the action of taking the first shot and splitting up the racked bals. You may be confused with snooker: in this, the highest break possible is 147 points (all reds with blacks, then all colours).

What is the opening shot in snooker called?

The break.

What is faulty snooker shot called?

A foulmiscue

Theoretically what is the highest number of points that can be scored off a single shot in snooker?

15 - if you hit the white and it pots all 15 reds. Any other shot would be a foul.

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