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Even though it is not a set salary, Golf can easily be the highest earning sport with Tiger Woods being the first sports person to earn 1Billion dollars. Behind Golf would be a range of different sports from European Football, American Football, Basketball and Baseball with players easily earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a week.

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Q: What is the highest paying sports salary?
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What are the 5 highest paying sports?

Baseball and Basketball are the highest paying sports world wide.

What Sports team has the the highest cap salary?

Of all sports the New York Yankees have the highest cap salary

How much do sports announcers make?

The average salary of a sports announcer is $80,000 per year. This is the highest paying job in radio or television announcing.

What is the highest paying salary in America?

plastic surgeons

What is the highest paying Ph.D salary?

benjamin offoha

WHAT IS the highest paying sports in the world?


What are the highest paying jobs in the US?

Sports stars.

Highest sports league salary?

the English football league

Highest paying state for teachers?

California is the third most with a salary of 56,444

What rank is rugby in highest paying sports?

it would probaly be about 1,000.

What sports get the hightest pay in the world?

baseball is the highest paying sport

Who is the highest tax paying sports person of India?

sachin tendulkar

Who is the highest paying athlete in sports?

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.

Where do the Pittsburgh Steelers rank in NFL salaries?

They are the highest paying team in the NFL, having the highest median salary in the league.

What is the highest paying architecture job?

It is a urban myth that Architects make a lot of money. Architect is the highest paying, architectural technician and engineer are both on a lower average salary.

What are the highest paying jobs 2011?

SurgeonHighest salary: $181,850 Training time: 10 to 15 years

What is the highest paying job for tax professional?

Being a tax inspector is the highest paying job for a tax professional. In the United States, as of 2013, the average annual salary of a tax inspector is $40,000.

Highest salary in sports?

The boxer Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete of all time, with a salary of 105 million dollars a year. The next highest paid athlete is soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. His salary is 80 million dollars a year.

Who has the highest annual salary in sports?

cc sabathia. 161 million dollars for 7 years.

Sports management salary?

what is the salary for sports management

In terms of salary what position are pharmacist in the list of highest paying jobs in the us?

i have no clue go ask YOUR mom!

How much is the salary of the Philippines Speaker of the House?

The salary of the Philippines Speaker of the House is 240,000 pesos per month. This is one of the highest paying positions in the Philippines.

Highest paid sports player?

Currently, the highest paid athlete in the world is Floyd Mayweather Junior, with an annual salary of $75.5 million. The second highest paid athlete is Christiano Ronaldo, with an annual salary of $50 million.

Who has the Highest salary contracts all time in pro sports?

i think alex rodriguez 250 million

What is the highest paying salary in the us and what is the job?

Well. If you are talking about this then a ceo is paid the highest.CEO stands for CHEIF EXCUTIVE OFFICER.