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42 inches

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Q: What is the highest hurdle jumped?
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Make a Sentence of word jumped?

I jumped over the third hurdle in the race.

How do you use the word hurdle in a sentence?

I jumped over the hurdle. The hurdle was to high for her to clear. Tony knocked over the hurdle because he didn't jump high enough. That enough? It's those things that people jump over during races for track & field.

Who is jumped the highest on a motorbike?

robbie maddison

What is the highest a woman has jumped with the straddle technique?


What is the highest somebody has jumped on a pony or horse?


What is the highest a miniature horse has ever jumped?

1 meter

What is the highest jumped by a person?

27 ft and 3 inch

What woman jumped the highest number of parachute jumps?

Hana Abbas

What is Hurdle Technology?

hurdle tecnology is hurdle technology.

When was beef the highest in nursery rhymes?

Beef was the highest when the cow jumped over the moon! Here, highest refers to distance rather than price!

What is the highest high jump ever jumped by women?

mireya luis

What does this word mean hurdle?