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Q: What is the highest high jump ever jumped by women?
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What is the highest amount of jumps jumped in one minute?

a average human can jump about half their height but some people can jump higher than others age can also change how high you can jump a baby wont be able to jump as high as a fully grown man.

What is the highest note ever played on a euphinium?

High High So

Can horses jump higher than 5 meters high?

No, the highest a horse has jumped is 8 feet or 2.47m back in 1944. Freddie Wettach riding kings own jumped in front of 25 people.

What is the highest high heeled shoe ever made?

The world's highest high heeled shoe that was ever made was in England. The high heeled shoe was seven inches tall and the colors were black and yellow.

When the highest high tide and the lowest low tide ever recorded in the Philippines?

highest high tide is 1.76m or 5.8ft. lowest high tide is 0.1m or 0.03ft.

How high is the highest ever kick of a ball?

. Less than the height of the Menzies Building .

World record for the rabbit high jump?

The world record for the highest jump by a rabbit was achieved by a rabbit named Mimrelunds Ramses who jumped 99.5 cm (39.2 in) in 1997.

What's the highest high school average grade ever?

99 from what I've seen in the newspaper

What is the highest scoring playoff ice hockey game ever?

Calverland 54.5 to Geriatric High 2pi.

How high can the sr-71 fly to?

The SR-71 flew at 85,000 feet in 1976, the highest ever.

Highest temperature ever recorded in Fort Bragg CA?

87°...I believe. I know it is not very high

What was highest oil price ever?

around 1 year ago the price was $145.29 the record high.