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494 for 9

way back in 1910

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Q: What is the highest first day score in a test cricket match in which 90 overs were to be bowled in a day?
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Who bowled the first ball of the World Cup cricket?

Madan Lal of India faced the first ball in cricket test match. The match was between India and England.

Highest run on a day of a test cricket match?

588 runs and the match was between England and India. But the run rate was not much as 155 overs were bowled in the match.

Who bowled first in the first cricket test match?

Australia.... it was between Australia and England and Australia won the match by 45 runs.

What is the highest first day score in a test cricket match after 1970?


What is the highest score in the first day in a test match cricket by a team?

Australia 494

Who has bowled the fastest bowl in cricket?

Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest delivery (100.2 mph) in cricket.

What did a woman once physically do in a cricket match because her skirts got in the way that men adopted soon after?

Bowled over arm

What is the highest first day score by India in a test cricket match?

385 till 23/11/09

Which player won highest man of the match in cricket?


Which player highest men of the match test cricket?


Who bowled the first ball of first ever test match?

madan lal

Should sachin be the god of cricket?

hes god already........ God is one who create this galaxy. Cricket is the game what about the golden duck of sachin tendulkar can god be ever clean bowled at very first bowl of test match laugh of loud huh.