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In 1999, they had 1553 hits, which is the teams all-time high.

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Q: What is the highest amount of the Mets team base hits in a season?
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What is the Mets club record for steals in a season?

As of the 2008 season, the Mets single season stolen base record is held by Jose Reyes who stole 78 bases in 2007.

What New York Mets pitcher has the most base hits in one season?

mike hampton?

Who holds the New York Mets record for highest career batting average?

Through the 2009 season, that is John Olerud at .315. Olerud played for the Mets between 1997-1999 and had 524 base hits in 1662 at bats for the team.David Wright is second all time at .309.

Who was the first hispanic player to play for the New York Mets?

Felix Mantilla played the infield and outfield for the Mets during their inaugural 1962 season. He was born in Puerto Rico. Elio Chacon played second base for the Mets during their 1962 season. He was born in Venezuela.

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Who got the first base hit in Mets history?

In the regular season, that was Gus Bell who hit a single in the second inning of the Mets' first game against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 11, 1962.

Which side do the Mets have their dugout?

The Mets' dugout at Citi Field is on the first base side.

Where do the mets sit during a home game?

The Mets home dugout is on the first base side.

Did yogi get a ring with the 1969 mets?

Yes, Yogi was the first base coach for the Mets in 1969.

Who is the Carolina Panthers highest paid player?

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Who was the last pitcher to pitch a no-hitter against the NY Mets?

Through the 2009 season, that was Darryl Kile of the Houston Astros who no-hit the Mets on September 8, 1993 winning 7-1. The Mets got their run on a walk, wild pitch, and 2 base error in the 4th inning.

Who played second base for the 1969 NY Mets?

It was Ken Boswell, who played for the Mets from 1967 to 1974.

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