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I found the answer; it was Harvard in 1886 for 765 total points for that season. But the scoring rules are much different today than those of the 19th-century teams. The Oklahoma University Sooners entered Saturday's game with 640 points for the season, a total that has been eclipsed by only five teams in the last 106 seasons of College Football history. On 6 December 2008 the OU Sooners football team beat Mizzou 62 to 21, thus reaching a 701 total points for a single season. Just three teams in college football history have scored more than 700 points in a season. With Oklahoma's future, a huge finish in the Orange Bowl to break the college football single-season scoring record of 765 points, set by Harvard in 1886 can be achieved, if they score as they have done in their past 5 consecutive games of scoring over 60 points per game. Which is a new NCAA football record set this day of 6 December 2008. As it sets now, 1st; Harvard in 1886 for 765 total points. 2nd; Minnisota in 1904 for 725 total points. Now at the moment, Oklahoma sets in the third place seat with 701 total points for the 2008 season. When they sweep Florida for the National Championship in January 2009, they will need 65 or more points to be in first place. It is an achievement that has not been broke in over 122 years. BOOOMMMEERR ////////////// T H E G R E A T D I V I DE /////////////// SOOOONNER YOU OU FANS KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING

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Q: What is the highest amount of points scored by one team in Ncaa division 1A football for one season?
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