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There is no number limit on how high an IQ score can be.Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the highest IQ score in the world, 228.

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Q: What is the highest IQ a person can get?
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How and how intelligent is the person with the highest IQ?


What is the highest IQ of a person?

really Jesus has the highest IQ to my knowledge has the actual answers to the question. if you believe in god then most likely you would think he does have the highest IQ

Who is the person with the highest IQ score ever?

Kim Ung Yong has an IQ of 210.

What is the highest IQ score a person can receive?


Who has the highest IQ of all time?

highest IQ is 200 and more than one person has gotten a 200

What is the biggest IQ a person can have?

Ther is no maximum limit. The highest IQ ever recorded was 228

What is the highest IQ possible?

The highest IQ is not known because we havn't had IQ tests forever, and not all IQ tests are accurate. Also the smartest people may have yet to live!

Who has highest IQ in NBA?

Highest IQ is steve nash Lowest IQ is javelle mcghee

What is the highest IQ ever recored?

The highest IQ ever estimated was the 300 IQ of William James Sidis. The highest IQ of a person alive today and recordedis the 228 IQ of Marilyn vos Savant. Both of these IQs were ratio IQs, meaning they were calculated by figuring out the person's "mental age" based on how many questions they answered and then using the formula Mental age/chronological age * 100. IQs are no longer calculated this way.

What is the highest-ever recorded IQ?

Marilyn VosSavant has an IQ of 228, which is the highest recorded IQ in history.

What is the highest IQ on red rescue team?

the highest score 96,325 for an IQ

What is the highest IQ score ever scored by a person?

The Highest Iq ever scored was a 228 by Mary Savil, Dr. Jarvik's Wife. The highest estimated IQ was William James Sidis, who was estimated to have an IQ of 250-300. Most people do not count IQ scores of people under 18, since it is not accurate-A few people had IQ scores at 500 at the age of 3. Since I am 13 years old, my IQ doesn't count, but I have an IQ of 289.