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The highest innings score in test cricket is 960.

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Q: What is the higghest innings score in test cricket?
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Highest score by a test cricket team in a test cricket innings?

The highest test score in a test innings is 952 by Sri Lanka against India.

What is the highest in test cricket?

The highest score in test cricket in an innings is made by Brian Lara(400 runs)

What is the highest individual score in an innings in test cricket?

457 by sachine tendalker

Top score in test cricket in one innings?

Brain Charles Lara!! 400*

What is the lowest first innings score in test match cricket?

56 Pakistan vs Australia

How many ducks did Don Bradman score in Test cricket?

Don Bradman's first duck occurred in his twenty-first innings - though his following two Test innings saw him score 226 and 112 runs. Bradman scored a total of seven ducks in Test cricket, including the legendary final innings in which he was dismissed for a duck.

Who was the first batsman to score 400 runs in a single innings in test cricket?

Brian Charles Lara.

What is the smallest run chase in a second innings in test cricket?

Australia chase the lowest score against Pakistan

How many runs did Don Bradman score in his first innings in test cricket?

18 runs of 40 balls.

Which team scored lowest score in first innings in test match cricket?

south africe in 1924 againest England

Who was the first cricketer to score a double century in a Test match?

Australia's Billy Murdoch became the first person to score a Test cricket double-century, an innings of 211, in 1884.

Which player has scored the most runs in a single test innings of cricket?

Brian Lara holds the record for the highest individual score in a test innings. He scored 400* against England at Antigua in 2004.

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