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The official rules of Table Tennis state that the net must be...

* 6 feet (1.83m) long

* 6 inches (15.25 cm) high

* dark green, dark blue or black and have a

* white top tape not more than 15mm wide

and that

* the bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and that

* the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts

Regardless of its colour, a net may be used on either a blue or a green table.

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The net is 6 inches (15.25 cm) high and 6 feet (1.83m) long.

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The table tennis net is 6 inches (15.25 cm) high and 6 feet (1.83m) long.

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6 inches

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Q: What is the height of the table tennis net from top of table?
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How large is a standard indoor table tennis table?

A standard indoor Table Tennis Table is nine feet long. The table is five feet wide and thirty inches high. The top of the table is divided in half by a net that is six inches high.

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Are there different sizes for table tennis tops?

"There are many different sizes for table top tennis. You have options such as a novelty size, mini table tennis, and a conversion top table also. The size of the table may vary on your personal choice."

How tall is the top of the net in tennis?

The official height of a tennis court net is three feet in the middle of the net. At the posts, located on each side of the court, the net should be three and a half feet high.

Where can a tennis table top be purchased?

A table tennis conversion top is an item used on pool tables. By setting up the table tennis conversion top, you can convert your pool table into a table for table tennis. Answer was found here:

What do you use for the surface of a table tennis top?


What is the measurements of table tennis table top?

Diagram of a table tennis table showing the official dimensions The table is 2.74 m (9 ft) long, 1.525 m (5 ft) wide, and 76 cm (30 inch) high with a Masonite (a type of hardboard) or similarly manufactured timber, layered with a smooth, low-friction coating. The table or playing surface is divided into two halves by a 15.25 cm (6 inch) high net.[6] The table surface is often in a green or blue color.

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Where do you get replacement parts for sportcraft foosball table?

I have the sportcraft turbo model 1-1-34-933AES. Problem is with the removable table tennis top. I really only need the middle piece of the table top, net, and net holders. It is poorly made and the net holders break off leaving the plastic dowels stuck in the table. I went to the Sears website for the table and it says I cannot order the table piece. I can only order the net and net holders which will do me no good. I would be willing to replace the whole table top if need be. Help.

What is the dimension of a table tennis net mesh?

The rules of table tennis state that the net must be 6 feet (1.83m) long, 6 inches (15.25 cm) high. It must also be of soft, dark green, dark blue or black mesh, not less then 7.5mm nor more than 12.5mm square, and have a white top, not more than 15mm wide.

What are the Incomes of world top table tennis players?

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