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The starting blocks can be no higher than 30 inches above water level.

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Q: What is the height of the diving block above water level of an olympic size swimming pool?
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How high above the water is olympic diving blocks?

Like 50 ft

What is the height of the lowest diving board?

one meter above calm water

What is the scientific definition of elevation?

Strictly it just means "height". Usually it refers to height above sea level, as in maps. Sometimes height above the ground, as in sky diving.

What is the tolerance in length and width of an olympic pool?

An Olympic swimming pool must be 50m long with a tolerance of 0.03m for 0.3m above the surface to 0.8m below the surface of the water. There is not such a tight tolerance on the width of an Olympic swimming pool which is 25m wide

Can an above ground swimming pool cost more in homeowner's insurance?

Usually an insurance company will not raise a price for a swimming pool but they will require a fence and lockable gate to keep children out. Also diving boards are a big issue right now andmost companies do not want to insure a home with a diving board on a pool.

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Can a glass jar break if dropped from height in a swimming pool?

It depends on how high you dropped the glass jar into the swimming pool. If you drop the glass jar from a few feet above the swimming pool, it will not break. If you drop it from several stories above the swimming pool, the immense pressure on the glass jar that the water is exerting will cause the jar to break.

What is the height of land above sea level?

the height of land above sea level

What is the size of an Olympic swimming pool in meters and feet?

An Olympic Length pool is 50 meters. To convert any meter to feet, you multiply by 3.28084, so an Olympic Length pool should be 164.02 feet or 54.68 yards. addendum: for extra trivia - an Olympic pool is 25 meters wide and 2 meters deep. Use the same conversion factor as mentioned above.

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Height above earths surface is called elevation

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