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Per the NFL Rules digest the Cross Bar is 10'-0" above the playing field.

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Q: What is the height of the cross bar to kick a NFL fieldgoal?
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If an NFL team scores with no time remaining in regulation do they have to kick a fieldgoal?

No, if the clock runs out and the ball is still in play, a player can enter the endzone and have it counted as a touchdown.

What are the release dates for NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians - 2010 Drop Kick's Double Cross?

NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians - 2010 Drop Kick's Double Cross was released on: USA: September 2013

How do you score in the NFL?

Touchdown = 6 points Point after touchdown (PAT) kick = 1 point Point after touchdown (PAT) run = 2 point Fieldgoal = 3 points Safety = 2 points (though this is rare occurence)

How far should a kicker be able to kick?

A Punter (After a touchdown or fieldgoal is made) in the NFL should at least kick 65 yards.A Field Goal Kicker should be able to kick at least 55-60 yards to be good.A Kicker, (When a team kicks the ball away) should kick approximately 35 or more yards.Field Goal's need accuracyPunter's and Kicker's don't

Who is the fastest kick returner in the NFL?

Devon Hester of the Chicago Bears is the fastest kick/punt returner in the NFL.

Can you kick barefoot in the NFL?


How long is a field goal kick?

It depends on where it is kicked from. It would be the yardage from where the ball is snapped plus the additional 10 yards of the endzone plus seven yards (the typical yardage the holder sets behind the center). Therefore, if the fieldgoal is kicked from the 40 yard line, it would be considered a 57 yard fieldgoal. That's only six yards short of the NFL record of 63 yards, held by Saints kicker Tom Dempsey.

Can you kick a free kick field goal after a fair catch?

In the NFL yes.

How much for a drop kick in the NFL?


Can you still drop kick in the nfl?


What is the average height of a defensive tackle in the NFL?

The average height of a NFL DT is about 6' 3''

Average height for NFL player?

The average height for an NFL player is approximately 5'11. The tallest NFL player was 6'9, while the shortest NFL player was 5'3.

What is the average height and weight of an NFL QB?

The average height of a NFL QB is 6'3". The average weight of a NFL QB is 230 pounds.

Was there an nfl female kick holder?

nope never

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

What is the average height of an NFL cornerback?

The Average height of an NFL CB is about 5'11", give or take 1/2".

Do you have to be a certain height to be in the NFL?

Yes they do the average height and wight of an NFL football player is 6'2" 200 pounds.

In college and pro football Where is the ball placed after a missed fieldgoal?

Except in desperate situations, a team will generally attempt a field goal only when keeping a drive alive is unlikely, and their kicker has a significant chance of success, as a missed field goal results in a turnover at the spot of the kick in the NFL; in the NCAA it's at the spot of the snap.

Why do NFL kickers deform the ball on the ground before they kick?

Kickers do not deform the ball before they kick it.

What is the height of a NFL goalpost?

NFl goal posts are 18 foot 6 inches wide. The cross bar is 10 foot from the ground, and posts extend to a hight of at least 30 foot above the crossbar.

What is the average height of a NFL WR?

After taking all the NFL's top 3 WR - the avg Height is 6'4" tall.

Is there a height limit to become a NFL cheerleader?

Yes the minimum height is generally around 5ft 5inch for an NFL cheerleader.

Who was the first NFL kicker to kick barefoot?

Tony Franklin

What yard line do NFL kick extra point?


Did NFL football ever kick from 40 yardline?