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The maximum weight is 16 pounds.

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Q: What is the heaviest weight a bowling ball can be in competition?
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What is the heaviest bowling ball can be?

16 pounds is the heaviest regulation bowling ball.

How much does the heaviest bowling ball weight?

The heaviest ball you can throw is 16 pounds its illegal to throw anything over that.

What sport is played with the heaviest ball?

Bowling is played with the heaviest ball.

What is the heaviest bowling ball?

The heaviest a bowling ball can be in competition is 16lbs. If a ball is over 16lbs your scores will be forfeited. Sometimes a ball is over 16lbs before it is drilled but it has to be under 16lbs when the drilling is done. This is starting not to be a problem because many people are switching to 15lb balls.

What is the second heaviest ball in sports after the bowling ball?

A Rugby Ball.

What was the most heaviest thing to be juggled?

a bowling ball

How do you pick the right size bowling ball?

All bowling balls are manufactered the same size. If it is weight you are referring to, it should be the heaviest, most comfortable ball you can hold without straining.

What sport has the heaviest ball?

The sport with the heaviest ball is the track and field event called the shot put. The throwing ball for the men's event weighs 16 pounds. The maximum weight of the bowling ball is also 16 pounds.

What is the most effective weight of a bowling ball for a girl aged 13?

Depends on her strength. Have her (or anybody) hold the ball in one hand with their elbow bent. Try bowling with the heaviest ball they can hold for 10 seconds.

What is the maximum weight for a bowling ball?

The weight of a bowling ball, in tenpin bowling, is not to exceed 16 pounds.

Whats CG mean in bowling?

In bowling, CG stands for Center of Gravity and is the area of a bowling ball that is the heaviest.

What is the highest weight of a bowling ball?

The maximum weight a bowling ball can be is sixteen pounds.

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