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Q: What is the handicap allowance for a 4 man team in a 3 ball scramble where 1 sixth is used for team of 3?
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What is handicap allowance for a 3 ball Texas scramble?

Usually a sixth of the combined indididual handicaps. Gerry McCarthy

Handicap allowance for yellow peril?

Yellow peril is, basically, a better ball competition where it is stipulated that one member of the team must count at selected holes. Therefore there is no problem regarding handicap allowances - surely all players should get their normal 75% of their playing handicap as in any other 4 ball better ball situation. MJJ

How is the football game originally started?

it was probably a scramble for the ball like in the XFL.

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Scramble for the Dragon Balls 2-21?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Scramble for the Dragon Balls 2-21 was released on: USA: 7 February 1998

What does swat mean in golf?

a "Swat" or "SWAT" in golf is another word for a "scramble" or "best ball" tournament.

Can you give me a sentence with the word scramble?

Bob scrambled the eggs until they were microscopically aligned with his kitchen table. Bob scrambled the word list so the competitors cannot see what word they were spelling. I can scramble the words up so you can't understand them. The flight commander gave permission for the planes to scramble into the air. The ball came loose and there was a fair scramble by the teams to regain it. My mom packed me scramble eggs for lunch.P.U.

How far can a handicap kick a soccer ball?

It depends greatly on the kind of handicapped person in question.

How many 4 person teams can you have on a 9 hole golf tournament?

There is either a two person or a four person scramble, not a two person team in a four person scramble. If it is a two person scramble, each player gets to play their own ball from each location, so two balls. In the four person scramble it is the same thing, so four balls.

What is a shamble in Golf?

A shamble is a type of golf tournament that combines elements of a scramble with elements of stroke play. Like in a scramble, all members of a team (usually four) tee off and the best ball of the four tee shots is selected. All players move their balls to the spot of the best ball. From this point, the hole is played out at stroke play, with all members of the team playing their own ball into the hole.

What is the sixth Dragon Ball Z episode name?

No time like the present.

What is a banana golf ball?

A "banana ball" in golf is an uncontrollable slice. A slice is a shot that curves in the air hard from left to right (for right-handers). It is common among beginners and high-handicap players.

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