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The current longest premiership 'drought' is Western Bulldogs (Footscray) whose most recent (and only) premiership came in 1954.

*** Though I hate to say it, surely the second-longest premiership drought must be my team: Melbourne!

This year, 2013, marks the 49th dry year since its last premiership in 1964 ... and being currently second-bottom on the ladder, it seems it could be forever til the next!

This is an historic club that has literally, gone from Riches to Rags, in terms of premiership success! It went from winning an historic six cups in ten years (mid 1950's to 60's) to Nothing since! The Fall is almost unbelievable!!

This club even opened its last post-premiership year - 1965 - winning the opening six or seven games ... it was even on top of the ladder that year ... there was controversy in the club ... it sacked its glorious coach, and the club simply went to dust ever since - never, it appears, to recover!

It was almost as if God has cursed it!

Ironically, it took only a Jewish religious man at the helm in 1999 for it to even come in Runner-up - one time.

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Q: What is the greatest number of years since an AFL team has won a premiership?
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