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Q: What is the great North American sport?
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Which north American sport was the most valuable in 2010?

The most valued north American sport of 2010 is football.

What north American field sport has the most rules?

American football

What is lacrosse a cross of?

La Cross is not a cross of any sport its the oldest North American sport ...

What does NASSM stand for?

North American Society for Sport Management.

On what contninent are the great lakes?

North American

Great lakes are found in which continent?

The North American continent.

The great lake are on which continent?

The Great Lakes are on the North American Continent and reside between the countries of Canada and the USA.

On what continent would you find the great salt lake?

The North American Continent.USA, North America

What does the acronym NASTA stand for?

NASTA can stand for two different organizations, depending on the context. NASTA can refer either to the North American SWAT Training Association or the North American Sport Taekwondo Association.

Which North American pro sport league currently generates the highest annual revenue?

National Football League

Did the north or south start the great locomotive chase?

The North, Georgia started the Great Locomotive Chase during the American Civil War.

Where might one go to try the sport Zorbing?

The sport of Zorbing originated in the country of New Zealand. The sport has since caught on nationwide and can now be played or tried in many European and North American countries.