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The force depends on the field the tennis ball is in. All objects with mass attract all others; a tennis ball and the earth attract each other equally with a force equal to what we call the "weight" of the ball in pounds or ounces. Pounds and ounces are technically measures of force, NOT mass. They attract each other as described by the formula: where "m" is the true mass (usually in grams), "r" is the distance between the objects (in meters) and "G" is a constant:


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Q: What is the gravitational force of a tennis ball?
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What object has more gravitational force a marble a tennis ball a bowling ball a sand grain?

sand grain

Which of the objects has the most gravitational force a sand grain a marble a bowling ball or tennis ball?

The one with the greatest mass has the greatest inertia. So, it will be the bowling ball.

What force slows down the tennis ball on a roller coaster?

The limiting frictional force is the force that slows down the tennis ball on the roller coaster.

What affects a ball's bounce?

Gravitational force

Which exerts more gravitational force a baseball a football or a bowling ball?

The object with the most mass, as gravitational force is dependent on mass. Therefore the bowling ball exerts more gravitational force than a baseball or a football.

What causes a ball to fall after being thrown into the air Is it because of frictional force Or only gravitational force?

Definitely gravitational force.

Which object requires the least amount of force to move it 5 m a golf ball soccer ball bowling ball table tennis ball?

the table tennis ball

What force is responsible for a tennis ball moving forward after it gets hit by a tennis racket?

The ball keeps moving forward because of its momentum, which is not a force.

When you roll a tennis ball on grass what forces act on the tennis ball?

You get frictional force. That is because when the tennis ball furr and the grass rubs together you et friction.

Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

Yes. The force applied by the catapult will cause an acceleration on the tennis ball that is inversely proportional to the mass of the tennis ball.

How do you put a tennis ball into a bottle?

You Force it. Ediman

What force interacts when a bowling ball is picked up?

Gravitational force pulling the ball towards the center of the Earth, the normal force between your hands and the ball, and the force exerted on the ball to raise it against gravity; this is called gravitational potential force, which can be calculated to be the mass of the ball multiplied 9.8m/s2 and the height it is raised from it's initial place.