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San Antonio doesn't have a governor, it has a major, Julian Castro. The mayor of the great state of Texas is Texas A&M graduate Rick Perry.

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Q: What is the governor's name of San Antonio?
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What is the name of the river that runs through San Antonio?

The San Antonio River

Is San Antonio a spanish name?

Yes, San Antonio is a Spanish name that means Saint Anthony.

What is the name of the river in San Antonio?

The San Antonio River. The San Antonio River is what makes the river walk downtown San Antonio and it runs all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Name of major newspaper in san Antonio Texas?

The major newspaper in San Antonio, Texas is the "San Antonio Express-News."

What is the name of the arena in San Antonio?

The arena in San Antonio is called AT&T Center.

What was the name of the river mission San Antonio de padau?

the san Antonio river

How did the state of San Antonio get the name San Antonio?

If you are talking about San Antonio, Texas then it is not a state at all but if this is not what you are talking about then i really don't know

What is the formal name of the san antonio health department?

San Antonio's department of health is formally known as the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

Who are the twin sisters of Texas?

If you are asking about the governors daughters they were Imma and Youra Hogg

What is he name of the river in San Antonio?

Lol "San Antonio River" 5th grade history

Does San Antonio mean saint in spanish?

It means "saint." San Antonio, Texas was named after Saint Anthony of Padua after Spanish explorers discovered the site on his feast day. San Francisco was named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

Why is San Antonio nicknamed Alamo City?

The name is for the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, where the Battle of the Alamo was fought in 1836.