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Q: What is the goal of the wanderers search?
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How one the first fa cup?

The first FA Cup final was contested in 1872 and was contested by "Wanderers" and "Royal Engineers" with Wanderers winning by 1 goal to nil thanks to a goal from Morton Betts

Who did dirk kuyt score his 50th Liverpool goal against?

Wolverhampton wanderers aka wolves

JWhich club did Milan Baros score his first goal against for Liverpool?

Bolton Wanderers

What is a journey in search of a goal?

a journey in search of a goal

Who scored Middlesbrough's second goal in the 2004 Carling Cup Final against Bolton Wanderers?

Boudewijn Zenden with a penalty.

Who did Antonio Valencia score his first goal against for Manchester United?

Bolton Wanderers was the first competitive goal on Oct 17, 2009 Boca Juniors first goal on July 29,2009. Good Luck on the kit!!

Does chamakh have the record for fastest goal?

Yes he does. at 38 seconds putting Arsenal up 1-0 against Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Who was the first person out in the FA cup final?

The first FA Cup Final was played on March 16, 1872 - between Wanderers and Royal Engineers. Morton Betts scored the only goal of the game for Wanderers, making them the first FA Cup final winners.

When was The Time Wanderers created?

The Time Wanderers was created in 1985.

When was Grafton Wanderers created?

Grafton Wanderers was created in 1908.

When was Wanderers F.C. created?

Wanderers F.C. was created in 2009.

When was The Wanderers - novel - created?

The Wanderers - novel - was created in 1977.