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Q: What is the goal of connecting with nongovernment organizations?
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Why are nongovernment organizations important?

they often fill gaps between governmet-funded services they are private institutions that aid the work of government Josh kanab class of 2011 :)

What part of speech is the word connecting?

A verb: Our company's goal: connecting the world! An adjective: The connecting door led into their bathroom.

The nongovernment share of the GDP equals?

Zero within 5 years.

What is a group formed to achieve a specific goal called?


What is the goal the non-governmental organizations seek?

There are many different non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a variety of goals.

Is the unlawful recruitment of children by government or nongovernment armed forces?

Child Soldiering.

What charitable work has Ahn Cheol-soo done?

In 2000 Ahn made good on his philosophy of giving back to society by donating three-year licensed V3Pro 2000 Deluxe virus-protection software to a number of nongovernment organizations, including Green Korea United.

Which of the following involves the unlawful recruitment of children by government or nongovernment armed forces?

Child Soldiering

What is the main goal of international organizations in their attempts to spread of hiv infection?

to deliver education

An organizations latent goal of usually translates into competition for resources and constant expansion?


Why organizations might use teams?

Organizations might use teams to develop commitment. It also develops cooperation among its members, with a single goal to attain.

What are the 7 steps for goal setting?

The 7 steps of goal setting are: State the Goal Set a Deadline Identify the Obstacles Identify the People, Groups, and Organizations that Can Assist List the Benefits of Achieving the Goal List the Skills You Need to Acquire to Attain the Goal Develop a Plan