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Q: What is the goal of brainwashing How does brainwashing work?
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What to do when a grandchild is brainwashing grandmother against son?

Make the grandchild watch TV and bake them cookies. It makes them believe they've accomplished their goal.

How did Hitler brainwashing the young?

his scientists used brainwashing techniques

Can someone be brainwashing?


How do you undo brainwashing?

1.Forcibly remove the person from the situation that is causing the brainwashing. 2.Unending talks on what the reality and facts are. Face the truth. 3.Give alternate solutions to resolve what is causing the brainwashing. 4.Give a person love or meaning to life so they do not easily succumb to brainwashing.

Do you know movies about brainwashing?


Should plays about god be done at school or work?

No, forcing religion into the hands of workers and children is an abomination. I would compare that to manipulation and brainwashing.

If someone were accused of brainwashing what would they have done?

There are many things that can be considered brainwashing. One may knowingly put the wrong idea into one's head, for reasons of self interest. Brainwashing can also be done to others by simply stating ones ideology.

What is Christian living as a subject?

Brainwashing students

Vietnamization involved what?

Re-education, or brainwashing.

What did Vietnamization involve?

Re-education, or brainwashing.

How do you resist brainwashing?

You don't you just go with it.

What has the author Kathleen E Taylor written?

Kathleen E. Taylor has written: 'Brainwashing' -- subject(s): Brain, Brainwashing, Localization of functions, Neurosciences