What is the goal for daoists?

Updated: 11/18/2022
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Q: What is the goal for daoists?
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What daoists believed?

daoists believedthat a universal forcecalled the dao

Where do daoists believe they come from?

from TAO

Who are the gods of dao?

daoists don't have Gods.

What did Daoists believe about nature?

Daoists continue to turn to nature as a guide in seeing, feeling, and being motivated by the Tao. That is, the natural force that runs through and inspires all things.

How could Daoists follow the way?

Being Correct by confucius

How might a daoists respond to a Confucius teachings?

They might agree with him

Why did daoists disagree with legalist ideas on government?

They disagreed because they believed in living with harmony and loving nature, whereas the Legalists wanted a harsh gov, with enforcement of laws.

Why do Daoists accept whatever happens?

Because they believe that all the wrongs will become solved

What religions do they practice in China?

Officially, China has no Religion and is atheist, unofficialy there are Daoists, Buddhists Christian and Muslims within the country.

What religion does china practice?

Officially, China has no Religion and is atheist, unofficialy there are Daoists, Buddhists, Christian and Muslims within the country.

What do daoists advocate living in total simplicity?

Daoists advocate living in total simplicity in order to align with the natural flow of the Dao, or the natural way of the universe. By living simply, one can reduce distractions and attachments that create suffering and instead focus on inner peace and harmony. This simplicity allows for a deeper connection with nature and a more authentic way of being.

How did china's legalists and the daoists differ in their views in society?

Legalists and Daoists differ from society by legalists believing that human nature was wicked and if people did good things they will find harmony. And they also believe if they enforce strict laws they will have harmony and if they do wrong they will receive harsh punishment. Doaists believe that each individual will find their own peaceful path and find harmony on their own.