What is the gender fore?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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what is the male gender for angel

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Q: What is the gender fore?
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What is golfers warning cry?

FORE - Meaning lookout ahead

What are the release dates for Mr- Fore by Fore - 1944?

Mr- Fore by Fore - 1944 was released on: USA: 7 July 1944

What is the prefix for foreshadowing?

The prefix for foreshadowing is "fore-," which means "before" or "in advance."

What is the Comparative of fore?

The comparative of "fore" is "further."

What is the homophone of fore?

The homophone of "fore" is "four."

Why do a golfer have to say fore and not five?

It is "Fore", not "four", hence not "five" either. The "Fore" comes from the old use of "Fore-caddies" who were down the fairway looking for the golfers ball coming down the fairway from the tee. The golfer would yell "Fore" telling the "Fore-caddie" that the ball was on the way. Now, of course, "Fore" means "Watch out! Ball is coming your way."

A sentence with the word fore?

Fore is to aft as front is to rear.

When was Fore Play created?

Fore Play was created in 1975.

When did Féchín of Fore die?

Féchín of Fore died in 665.

When was Fore Abbey created?

Fore Abbey was created in 630.

What is the Fore of a boat?

The fore most part of a vessel is the bow

What is the comperative form of fore?

The comparative form of "fore" is "further."