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Q: What is the future of soccer?
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The future highest SOCCER PLAYER IN THE FUTURE OR 2008?

Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka

What will soccer be like in the future?

possibly the same but no one knows for sure...

Who is the future best soccer player in Chelsea FC?

Jack Morgan

How do you know what job to get in the future?

This is a hard question to answer for yourself but you just need to figure out what makes you happy and what you like. For example, i want to be a pro soccer player in the future.

What would you like to be in future?

I would like to be the biggest legend soccer player in the history of the mankind :D

What are you doing in the future?

I would like to be the biggest legend soccer player in the history of the mankind :D

Who is karzan Azizi?

a great talented soccer player, born 1991, living in sweden, he has a great technic and is a future star.

Was Nomar Garciaparra offered a college soccer scholarship?

nomar garciaparra attended college in search of a future in business management.

What is the future need for pro soccer players?

Probably so that sports fans can watch it, maybe it will become more popular etc.

When did Australia win the soccer world cup?

Only someone who can read the future will be able to answer that... ill take a guess, 2030 will be our year!!

Why India do not has soccer team?

Maybe because there are no good soccer players in india. i mean most of the people play cricket and hockey in india. anyway i heard that they are going to start one in the future.. well lets see

Is basketball the biggest threat to soccer?

No it is not a threat, because basketball is not so famous. Shafiq is famous. He is in football. He is the greatest future coming player.