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Usually kids under 12 do not compete since the weight of the shot put varies, but in middle school with a 8 pound shot put, a great throw would be 60 feet, so 55 feet would be a decent estimate for the furthest throw by someone younger than 12 years old.

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Q: What is the furthest throw for shot put under 12?
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What is the event shot put?

it is a event were a person would throw a heavy ball from a certain spot. once thrown they would measure how far it went. who ever throw it the furthest would win

What do you throw at a track and field meet?

You could throw a javelin or a discus. There is also the hammer throw. You do not throw a shot put - you "put" the shot.

Who plays shot put?

Men and Women both can throw shot put.

How do you measure the shot put?

There is no "scoring" system is shot put and discus. Each throw is measured and for each participant, their furthest thow recorded and is their final "score". The competitor with the furthest throw wins.

Who held the furthest U12 shot put record?

brock cormick Australia

How fast does a shot put ball?

The shot put speed depends on the force behind the throw.

How many throwing events in a decathlon?

There are three throwing events in a decathlon:Shot PutDiscus ThrowJavelin Throw**It's important to note that shot put isn't referred to as a throw it is instead called a 'Put'. As if you were 'putting' something up in front of you with a lot of force. So you never throw a shot put, you instead put a shot.

Who threw the furthest shot-put?

Randy Barns of the united states he threw 23.12 meters.

Facts about shot put?

A shot put is a heavy round ball (almost like a huge bullet) that is used in Track and Field. The athlete will take the shot put and throw it into the air. The person who throws it the farthest will get the most points and win.

When Would You Start Shot Put?

The first time I throw it.

How is shot put played?

Shot put is played where men have a 2 kg ball and have to throw it watch a youtube video

What age is most popular in shot put?

I'm not sure what you are asking, but I have seen kids as young as 5 or 6 throw shot put and elderly people into their 90's throw shot put. The best shot putters in the world are probably in their late 20s to early 30's.