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Terry Bradshaw in 1975 at a football camp at Louisiana Tech in Ruston threw the ball 100 yards in the air to Roger Carr. Also John Elway threw a Nerf ball 100 yards

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Q: What is the furthest someone has thrown a football?
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What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

What is the furthest someone has thrown a tennis ball?

the furthest anyone has ever thrown a tennis ball is 17 miles by daniel hannavitch in 1978

Which football team is the furthest west?

Plymouth Argyle's Home Park is the furthest west in the football league. It is also the furthest south.

What is the furthest thrown paper airplane?

23 miles

How you can relate physics with football?

Projectile motion as the football is thrown, forces as the football is thrown as well.

What is the furthest someone has ever run?

The furthest someone has run is 9,000 miles!

Does wind affect the motion of a football that is thrown?

Yes wind affects the motion of football that is thrown. Apart from the motion of the football is also affected by gravity. The various laws of motion applies when football is thrown.

Furthest thrown with a javelin?

Uwe Hohe throw 104.80 metres

What is the furthest a man has thrown a javelin?

104.8m by Uwe Hohn (GDR)

Why does the football spiral?

A football spirals based on the way it is thrown. It will be a perfect spiral if the football is thrown with the spin on the exact axis of the ball.Ê

What goes farther a football being thrown or a soccer ball being kicked?

Football being thrown

What is the world record for the furthest thrown ball?

The world record is 402.71 metres

What is the furthest distance an object has been thrown by a human vertically and horizontally?


What is a ball thrown across a football field an example of?

A ball thrown across a football field is an example of a projectile.

In a football game What is the longest yards a football been thrown?

93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

How does the mechanical energy of a football change as it is thrown?

Before it is thrown is has potential energy and when it is thrown and moving it has kinetic energy

What is the furthest goal ever scored in football?

Pail Robinson

Who in the NFL can throw a football the furthest?

Jamarcus Russell they had a contest

Which football team is furthest east?

New England Patriots

Which scottish football team is furthest north?

Elgin city

Which english football league team is furthest north?


Can a fan keep a football thrown in the stands in NCAA Football?


What is the average speed of a thrown football?

The average velocity of a thrown football is from 40 to 60 MPH. Although there has been faster velocities recorded.

What is the most interceptions ever thrown in a high school football game?

most interceptions thrown in state of texas high school football

What is the difference between American football and international football?

American football is thrown, international football is played like soccer