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longest is 70000 feet in African by bryanna

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 10:06:40
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Q: What is the furthest someone has jumped for standing land jump?
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What animal can jumped the furthest?

Kangaroos can jump up to 35 feet

How do you do a vertical jump lab report?

Vertical Jump is when they (scorers )measure you and then you jump as high as you can. The winner is the person who jumped the furthest.

Michelle jumped 1.32m in the standing long jump dan jumped 5 tenths of a metere further how far did dan jump?


What is the farthest a man has jumped in metres?

standing long jump- 3.71m running long jump- 8.95m

What is the perfect tense of jump?

"jumped" or "has/have jumped" or "did jump"

If you fall back in longjump is your jump measured from the furthest back point?

Yes, if you fall back the, furthest back point is where your jumped will be measured from, so, if your going to fall at all, fall forward. Then it will be measured from your feet.

What is the average long jump distance for a 15 year old?

I jumped for the first time today in a meet and I got 10.3 I believe

What is the present perfect tense of jumped?

Jumped is the past tense and past participle of jump. The present perfect tense of jump is I/We/You/They have jumped; He/She/It has jumped.

What is record for standing long jump 10 year old?

I'm in grade 5 and I jumped 208cm!!! I got first in my grade!

What is the present perfect tense of jump?

I/You/We/They have jumped. He/She/It has jumped. she is jumped up and down.

What is the past participle of jumped?

Jumped is already the past participle of jump.

Is the word jumped a noun?

No, jumped is a verb; the past tense of jump.

What part of speech is jumped?

Jumped is a verb. It's the past tense of jump.

Is jumped spelled right?

Jumped is the correct spelling for the past participle of to jump.

Past tense of jump?


What is the present tense for jumped?


What are the aims of a standing long jump?

the aim of the standing long jump is to get the farthest distance from a standing position instead of taking a run before the jump.

Is jumped an adverb?

No. (I) jumped is the simple past, and (I have) jumped is the present perfect of the verb to jump.

What is the simple past tense of jump?

The simple past tense of 'jump' is 'jumped'.

What animal did Fonz jump on his motorcycle?

He did not jump on his motorcycle. He jumped the shark on his waterskis

What animal can jump the furthest?

The tiny flea can jump the farthest by size . if it was the size of a human it could jump a soccer Field in one jump.

What is the past participle tense of jump?


WHAT IS THE Past participle of the word jump?


What is the future perfect tense of jump?

Will have jumped.

What is the verb pas tense of jump?