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If you think Chess is fun then playing a game of chess would be a fun way to improve. If you do not find it fun then you should play more games of chess until you find it fun. If you do not find it fun it will be very difficult to improve.

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Q: What is the funnest way to improve at chess?
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How do you improve in chess but don't have time to practice?

One way you can improve chess but don't have time to is in a car. An ipod touch has many chess apps you can play. The regular ipods also have a chess game you can buy for your ipod.

What is the funnest way to kill a puppy?

Feed it, love it and care for it so that it lives to an old age and dies peacefully. This is the 'funnest' way for you and the puppy.

How do you improve at chess?

To improve your chess game , read chess books on tactics and strategy , play better opponents whose skill level is higher than yours , compete against a chess computer and practice over and over again .

How do you spell funnest?


What is the best way of training to play chess?

A chess computer or online game is a good way to learn the moves. To improve, you should paly against players who are better than you are and observe how they try to beat you. After friendly games, players can point out to each other what their plans were and how they put them into practice.You can also read books and articles on chess tactics and strategy. There are chess problems and commentary in the US Chess Federation's monthly magazine, Chess Life.

What has the author Vladimir Zak written?

Vladimir Zak has written: 'Improve your chess results' -- subject(s): Chess

What are the benefits of playing chess?

Studies have shown that playing chess helps improve math skills. Also if you can play chess well you are viewed as a smarter person.

What is the fastest way to win in chess?

The 'Fool's mate' is the fastest way to get a checkmate in chess.

Is funnest a real word?

I was wondering if 'funnest' is a real word? Example: I went hiking and it was the funnest thing we did.

Chess practice 2hours a day help you improve your play?

Yes , the more you play the game of chess the better the skills you develop .

Who could help on a chess move?

There are many ways to improve or get help on a chess game. * Getting a chess coach. * Visiting a local chess club. * Using the Internet, via free sites such as Yahoo! Chess, or more expensive but with extra features such as the Internet Chess Club (ICC), by visiting * Using programed chess software, available on CD-rom at you local electronics store. Fritz, Chessmaster, Chesster are popular softwares that can analyze, improve and even play you in chess games.

What is the advantage of an electronic chess set?

An electronic chess set contains a database or rules and game moves. These can be used to improve your game without the eyestrain that a computer chess game can cause.

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