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functions of the federation of volleyball

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Q: What is the function of the international federation of volleyball?
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What is the name of the international volleyball federation?

It is called the FIVB (Fédération Internationale de Volley Ball). You can find information relative to the federation on the following website:

What is FIVB?

FIVB means Fédération Internationale deVolleyball in Portuguese and in English it means International Federation of Volleyball.

When was British Volleyball Federation created?

British Volleyball Federation was created in 1955.

When was Turkish Volleyball Federation created?

Turkish Volleyball Federation was created in 1958.

When was Cyprus Volleyball Federation created?

Cyprus Volleyball Federation was created in 1978.

What is the Philippine governing body for volleyball?

the Philippine Volleyball Federation

Can we kick the ball in volleyball?

I think it depends on what type of volleyball you are playing, but according to the NCAA, Federation of International Volleyball and USA rules, it states that you may contact the ball with any part of your body. So technically, you can kick the ball in volleyball. You need adobe and the answer is on page 71.

What is the name for the government body for Volleyball?

The FIVB is the world volleyball government body. (Federation Internationale De Volleyball)

What is Name of international governing body of volleyball?

international volleyball association

When was International Luge Federation created?

International Luge Federation was created in 1957.

When was International Rowing Federation created?

International Rowing Federation was created in 1892.

When was International Astronautical Federation created?

International Astronautical Federation was created in 1951.

When was International Ranger Federation created?

International Ranger Federation was created in 1992.

When was International Handball Federation created?

International Handball Federation was created in 1946.

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International Road Federation was created in 1948.

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International Federation of Journalists was created in 1926.

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International H.K.D. Federation was created in 1974.

When was Federation of International Bandy created?

Federation of International Bandy was created in 1955.

When was International Wushu Federation created?

International Wushu Federation was created in 1990.

When was International Kart Federation created?

International Kart Federation was created in 1957.

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International Rogaining Federation was created in 1989.

When was International Orienteering Federation created?

International Orienteering Federation was created in 1961.

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