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All i know is that steriodsturn fat in to mucsle.

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Q: What is the function of steriods within a cell?
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What is an organelle?

An organelle is a structure that is found within a cell and serves a specific function.

What is a structure performing a speific function within cell?

A structure performing a specific function within a cell is called an organelle.

What defines an organelle and what they do for a cell?

Organelles are the structures within the cell. They help the cell function.

What is the function of ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm is a term used in spiritualism to describe a substance that supposedly exudes from a medium during a trance state. It is believed to provide a material form for spirits to communicate or manifest physically. However, ectoplasm has been largely discredited as a paranormal phenomenon.

What structure within a human cell is responsible for recycling the materials no longer function within the cell?

The structure responsible for recycling materials within a human cell is the lysosome. Lysosomes contain enzymes that break down and recycle cellular waste, old cell parts, and foreign substances. This process is essential for maintaining cell health and function.

What are oganelle?

Organelles are specialized structures that perform specific functions within a cell. Examples of organelles include the nucleus (which houses the cell's genetic material), mitochondria (which produce energy), and chloroplasts (which are involved in photosynthesis in plant cells). Organelles help cells carry out essential processes that are necessary for their survival and function.

What organelles do?

Organelles are membrane-bound structures found within cells that have specific functions. Examples include the nucleus (which contains DNA and controls cell activities), mitochondria (which produce ATP energy), chloroplasts (found in plant cells and involved in photosynthesis), and lysosomes (which contain enzymes for digestion).

What two organelles function in the regulation of water within a cell?

The two organelles that function in the regulation of water within a cell are the cell membrane and the vacuole. The cell membrane controls the movement of water into and out of the cell, while the vacuole helps maintain water balance by storing and releasing water as needed.

Structure performing a specific function within a cell?


A structure preforming a specific function within a cell?


What organelle?

An organelle carries out a specific function within a cell.

What ist he function of the mitochondria?

it is the "power house" of a cell, and changes substances within the cell into energy.