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to serve meal

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2010-09-24 10:13:18
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Q: What is the function of a bowl?
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The amount of grapes that fit into a bowl might be a function of what?

The size of the bowl

What is the function of a rat's sphincter?

To control the bowl motion

What function of mixing bowl?

king Ina! XD

The weight of a handmade bowl might be a function of what?

The material used

What is the function of Sediment bowl?

A sediment bowl is used to separate water and small particles from the fuel before entering a carburetor.

Which of the following would be a good name for the function that describes the number of grapes a bowl can hold given the size of the bowl?


What is the function of custard powder?

well you put it in a bowl and fill it with hot water and then you have custard

What is the primary function of a heated water bowl?

A heated water bowl is designed to prevent water in freezing over as it would in a normal water bowl. The devices come in various designs catering to different animals.

What is the function of U-shaped for bowl seat in toilet. why needs a notch in front of the bowl seat?

It is a rule that businesses have to employ because, some men wont lift the ring when they urinate.

What is more porous A. a bowl filled with cherries B. a bowl filled with blueberries C. a bowl filled with apples D. a bowl filled with grapes?

C. A bowl filled with apples is the more porous of the four. Porosity is a function of the size of the fruit. The larger the fruit, the more porous the bowl will be (the more air or water that can be placed in the bowl). The smaller the fruit, the less porous the bowl will be. Compare with a bowl of stones and a bowl of sand. The stones are more porous because the sand can be more densely compacted, leaving very little room for water.

What would be a good name for a function that describes the weight of a handmade bowl given the type of material used?


What is the function of mixing bowl in baking?

It's used to mix together the ingredients before they are put into the vessel used to bake them.

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