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is to show the unity among the the five continent which are the member by representing the flag of each country also it the ring can help during the opening and closing the ceremonies of olympic but also for identification of the competation

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Q: What is the function and use of the Olympic rings symbolize?
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Is Olympic rings logo free to use?

No. If you use it without permission, the International Olympic Committee will send a squad of assassins to ensure that you do not repeat your mistake.

Is it rowing track and field or gymnastics that use the five Olympic rings?

trac and field

What did they use to signify the start of the Olympics?

to symbolize the link between the ancient and modern Olympic Games. The flame was lit in a ceremony at Olympia, Greece.

Why are the rings linked in the Olympic symbol?

It is supposed to mean if you link them and use them intune with others you shall succeed

Why do they use blue red yellow black and green on the Olympic flag?

Though the Olympic Rings are coloured in those five colours, the flag as a whole has six colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. At the introducation of the flag, in 1914, those six colours were all the colours that appeared in the flags of the nations participating in the Olympic Games.

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