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Q: What is the full name of an artist from the Los Angeles area who signed a 1968 oil painting as Patzer?
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Who is artist in oil canvas painting signed Candelas?

was suppose to be from Chicago

Who is the artist cien I have an oil painting of three little girls sitting in a meadow signed cien. Does anyone know anything about the artist cien?

I also have an amazing painting by the artist David H. Its a wall size oil painting of magnolias. Have had it for almost 15years.Would love to know about this artist as well.

Value of beryl cook limited edition painting lunch time out of print since 1984 signed by artist?

The value of Beryl book limited edition painting Lunch time out print since 1984 signed by the artist is 200 pounds.

Did John Gnagy the artist go by other names I have a painting signed Jon Nagy Is this the same artist as the 50's TV show?

Bingo! That the one

How can I find out the first name of the artist Hopper '88 signed on my painting?

Click link below for a list of Hoppers and when they lived!

2 Limited edition prints signed with name of artist A followed by the word for and name of artist B.Each piece has a different name for 1st artist but the 2nd artist's name is the same.Please explain.?

This means that the print is made by artist B from a painting by artist A.

How can you tell if picture or painting is hand signed by the artist?

you can see the hand writing of an artist but if you don't the artist writing is beautiful and neat just like how they draw and the people the aren't artist, they write very bad and unneat writing,,,,,,,,

When did pink get signed to LaFace?

as a group artist she was signed in 1995 as a solo artist she was signed in 2000

Can a replica of an artist's work be signed?

If the artist made it himself, it can be signed. If somebody else made it and signed the artist's name, it is a fake or forgery.

Who is Riki on a signed Painting?

I have an old Matador painting signed RiKi,no idea who it is though.

What is the value of Emmett Kelly painting by S Joyce ' 72?

curious myself......have 3..... 2 of which are dated 1972....have not found anything about the artist either....signed s joyce on the 2 dated paintings and simply signed Joyce on the undated painting

Painting of 5 clowns signed by Simon Do you have any information on the artist?

I think this may be your artist:!clowns Bear in mind that the style of his clowns was once, somewhat, different.

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