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The front of a Baseball cap is called the bill.

The front of the bill is called crown, the shade for the baseball cap is called 'bill'.

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Q: What is the front of the baseball cap called?
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What is the front part of a baseball cap called?

Front part of a baseball is called "peak", i.e. the stiff front part of a cap that sticks out above you eyes.

What do you call the front part of a baseball cap?

The bill.

What is the difference between baseball cap and trucker cap?

A baseball cap has cotton or wool material all around the cap. A trucker cap has foam material on front and a synthetic netting material on back.

What is the fiber glass front cap called that holds the grill and lights called?

It is called the front clip. The entire front assembly from the firewall forward is the front clip The nose with the grill and headlights is called the header panel.

What is an example sentence for the word phase?

Wearing his baseball cap back to front was just a phase he was going through.

A sentence using the word phase?

Wearing his baseball cap back to front, was just a phase he was going through.

Why are high headed caps called trucker caps?

A trucker cap is a type of baseball cap, it is 'high headed' because the foam front stands up straight and stiff, making it higher than a normal baseball cap. The 'trucker cap' began life as a promotional give-away, where farming supply companies would give them away to truckers or rural workers. In the early 2000s, the trucker hat became fashionable when celebrities began wearing them.

Why do baseball bats have a concave end cap?

So you can balance a baseball on the cap.

What is a a traditional Irish Cap called?

A flat cap, sometimes called a tweed cap or paddy cap.

The proper name of the knee bone?

The small bone at the front of the knee (the knee cap) is called the patella.

What is the button on top of a baseball cap called?

Squatcho (skwatch' oh) - n. The button at the top of a baseball cap. In short, a button.

How do you break in a baseball cap?

you can cut the baseball cap or or let your dog chew this is what i think you can do

Where was the baseball cap invented?

New York. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore a cap that became popular as a "Brooklyn style" cap, which eventually evolved into the modern baseball cap.

What is a Shriner's cap called?

A Shriner's cap is called a fez.

What is a clergyman's cap called?

A clergyman's cap is called a biretta.

What is a tasselled cap called?

A tasselled cap is called a Fez.

Where is number 1 located at distributor cap?

Front righthand side of cap

How do you draw a baseball cap?

u go to google, type in baseball cap, and then you draw it or in my case, trace it

What does une casquette mean in English?

a cap / a baseball cap

Where is the distributor cap on a 1996 Chevrolet Impala?

The distributor is called an optispark, and is located on the front of the engine behind the water pump.

How to dry a baseball cap?

To dry a baseball cap, I either leave it out in the sun or use a hair dryer to dry it.

What is the National Guards cap called?

A cap.

What is the bone in the knee cap called?

The knee cap bone is called the patella.

Wool cap with MEOW on the front what does it mean?

A wool cap with the word MEOW on the front does not mean anything other than the wearer likes cats.

What is the top part of a mushroom called?

The top of a mushroom is called the Cap.I think it is the cap, or the dome.cap