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3 to 5 days, p38 hopson, "get fit stay well"

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Q: What is the frequency of aerobic exercise suggested by The American College of Sports Medicine?
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Is contemporary model medicine conducive to exercise therapy?

Yes, contemporary model medicine is conducive to exercise therapy

What is the definition of FITT?

FREQUENCY: How often you exercise INTENSITY: How hard you exercise TIME: How long you exercise TYPE: What types of exercise you choose

Do you have to exercise everyday?

No. But you can because it's medicine.

What is mode of exercise?

frequency according in physical education

In the FITT concept what applies to the exercise principle called frequency?

Exercising three to five days per week applies to the exercise principle called frequency.

How do you get nice sleep without medicine?

Get plenty of exercise. The best sleep is had by those who exercise.

What are three components of an exercise program?

frequency, intensity and time

What does sports medicine prevent?

Injuries do to improper exercise.

What lowers pressure?

Medicine, healthy eating and exercise.

What is the difference between sports medicine and exercise physiology?

Sports Medicine concetrates on sports injuries and how they can be prevented. Exercise physiology has to do with the human body's responds, reactions and adaptations to exercise. Exercise Physiology is the science of body's function to exercise and activity. These two sciences are similar and the one is a part of the other. Please note that if you want to focus on Sports Medicine you may need a medical degree. If you prefer exercise physiology you may have a Sports Exercise Science BSc degree, sometimes in Medicine, Biology or Biochemistry BSc degree.

Is exercise OK with A-FIB?

Only if cleared by your physician. If cleared by physician, I would also recommend a graded exercise test done by someone with the following certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine: Exercise Specialist or RCEP. It may also depend on the meds you are taking.

What lowers blood pressure?

Medicine, healthy eating and exercise.

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