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to open the door -> ouvrir la porte

For a command, change the infinitive "ouvrir" to either "ouvre" (tu form) or "ouvrez" (vous form).

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Q: What is the french translation for 'open the door'?
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What is the french translation for 'open the door?

Ouvrir la port.

What is the French translation for shut the door?

Fermez la porte

What is the French translation for go to the door?

Aller à la porte

What is the french translation for open the window?

ouvre la fenetre

How do you say open the door in Japanese?

The literal translation is... Doa o akeru.

What is the Cajun French translation for open your eyes?

seye ruoy nepo

How can you open the door with shark teeth password?

go first to the museum and get the translation key. then go to the door with password and translate the word "OPEN: into the one that is written in the translation key. enter the word and you go in!! -cute pink fab

How to say close and open door in french?

"close the door, open the door" = fermer la porte, ouvrir la porteune porte fermée : a closed dooruneporte ouverte : an open door

What kind of door is a French door?

A french door is the term used to describe a set of doors that that open out from the middle. The doors themselves are usually filled with glass, and can be opened individually or have both sets open at once to create a wider door frame.

How do you say you tried to open the door in French?

J'ai essayé d'ouvrir la porte.

How do you say Does his in French?

fait son is the translation in French. This translation is from English to French.

What is the french translation of lovely?

The French translation of "lovely" is "ravissant".