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Les Bleus

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Q: What is the french national soccer team called?
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What is the soccer team called in Egypt?

theEgypt national football team is the Egyptian soccer team

What is Germany's soccer team name called?

Nationalef (National Eleven) Mannschaft (The Team) Nationalmannschaft (National Team)

Who is Italy's national soccer team?

The Italian National Soccer Team

What is Algeria's soccer team called?

The name of the Algerian's soccer team is The Desert FoxesAnd in french it would be (Les Fennecs)

What color embodies French culture?

Blue is the color which embodies French culture.Specifically, blue is one of the colors in the French flag. Additionally, it is the color of the French national soccer team. In fact, the French team fondly is called Les Bleus ("The Blues").The pronunciation will be "ley bluh" in French.

Another name for the argentinean soccer team?

The Argentinian national soccer team is also known as the Albicelestes (white and sky blue). The national rugby team is nicknamed Los Pumas. They are called the Pumas.

What is the official name for the french soccer team?

here are the nicknames for the french national football team:Les Bleus ("The Blues")L'Équipe Tricolore ("The Tri-color Team")

Is football a sport in Mexico?

Mexico has a national soccer team and a national cricket team. They are called the Mexico national football team and the Mexican cricket team.

What is the name of the New Zealand's national soccer team?

The national soccer team is known as the All Whites.

When was England national beach soccer team created?

England national beach soccer team was created in 1995.

Who is a famous french soccer player?

Nicolas Anelka and Florent Malouda (they are both in France national team and in Chelsea F.C.)

What is the history of soccer in France?

Soccer in France began when FIFA was formed in May 1904. The first official soccer game was held by The French National team that same year.