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There really isn't such thing as a forward in volleyball, but if you consider a forward to be an offensive player then the correct volleyball term for it would be an attacker

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Q: What is the forward volley in volleyball?
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How do you say volleyball in French?


How do you do the volley in volleyball?

A volley in volleyball is the name of the thing you do when you hit the volleyball upwards in order to set your team mate up for a smash.

Why they named volleyball volleyball?

Volley is when you get down and it's also a ball

What are two serves in volleyball?

spike and volley

Who organized club volleyball?

saravana volley

How do you say volleyball player in french?

un joueur de volley, de volleyball

How do you say Beach Volleyball in french?

"Beach Volley"

When was the volley balls made?

Volleyball was invented in 1895.

What is Playground of volleyball called?

volley ball court

What are some volleyball words that start with a V?


What is volley called in beach volleyball?

a volley is when 2 teams hit the ball back and forth for awhile

Are the balls the same for beach volley ball and indoor volley ball?

No the ball for volleyball is much lighter