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Nebraska and Arizona State have met eight times with Nebraska leading the series 6-2.

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2010-09-24 13:09:35
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Q: What is the football record for Arizona St Vs Nebraska?
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Why did the Arizona Cardinals come to Arizona?

they could not get a football only stadium in St. Louis

When did the St. Louis Cardinals change to the Arizona Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals football team moved to Arizona in 1988, becoming the Phoenix Cardinals. They changed the team name from Phoenix to Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

When did the Cardinals football team move to St. Louis?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest of the NFL teams, dating back to their origins in Chicago in 1898. They moved to St. Louis in 1960, and to Arizona in 1988.

What was the university of Nebraska 1966 football schedule?

The 1966 Nebraska football team ended the season 9-2: 09-17-1966: Nebraska 14, Texas Christian 10 09-24-1966: Nebraska 28, Utah St. 7 10-01-1966: Nebraska 12, Iowa St. 6 10-08-1966: Nebraska 31, Wisconsin 3 10-15-1966: Nebraska 21, Kansas St. 10 10-22-1966: Nebraska 21, Colorado 19 10-29-1966: Nebraska 35, Missouri 0 11-05-1966: Nebraska 24, Kansas 13 11-12-1966: Nebraska 21, Oklahoma St. 6 11-24-1966: Oklahoma 10, Nebraska 9 01-02-1967: Alabama 34, Nebraska 7 (Sugar Bowl)

Who had the worst record in regular season football in the year 2011?

st Louis browns

What is Texas vs PAC 10 all time football record?

As of the 2008 season, Texas has an all time record of 22-11 against the PAC 10. Arizona 1-0 Arizona St. 1-0 California 4-0 Oregon 4-1 Oregon St. 2-0 USC 1-4 Stanford 2-2 UCLA 2-2 Washington 3-1 Washington St. 2-1

What city's team are Cardinals?

For football it is the Arizona cardinals, which is not a city. But if you you are talking about baseball that would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

When did St. Louis Cardinals move to Arizona?

Your talking Baseball and Football. They are two different teams in two different sports.

What GPA do you need to get into Arizona St?

What GPA do you need to get into Arizona St.?

When did Arizona get a pro football team?

Arizona acquired a football team when St. Louis Cardinals' owner Bill Bidwell moved his franchise from Missouri to Phoenix after the 1987 season. The team was named the Phoenix Cardinals from 1988-1993. From 1994 onward, they have been known as the Arizona Cardinals

How did the football team 'Arizona Cardinals' get its name?

they stared out as the Chicago Cardinals the team was named after the state bird the Cardinal the team moved to St Louis and then to Arizona where they resided now.

How many career losses did Tommie Frazier have?

Nebraska's record in Frazier's four seasons was 45-4. Frazier was the starting QB for Nebraska from 1992-1995 although he missed the last half of the 1994 season due to blood clots in one of his legs. In 1992, Nebraska lost 3 games (Washington, Iowa St., Florida St. in the Orange Bowl). In 1993, Nebraska lost 1 game (Florida St. in the Orange Bowl). In 1994 and 1995, Nebraska went undefeated.

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