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AP is a shortened version of All Purpose Back, which means a Running Back who is likely to be a returner or a weapon in the receiving game.

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Q: What is the football position ap?
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When does the weekly AP college football poll come out?

The AP Poll is published at Noon Eastern on Sunday afternoons during the college football season.

What is the best position of scapula?


What does ap stand for in college football?

Associated Press

What is the football position ks?

the football position ks is Kicker

Who has the most AP football national championship?

University of Alabama

Who is 1941 College football AP national champion?


What team has the most AP title in NCAA football?

Dora the Explora's

Who is the most ripped football player?

LaRon Landry, Or AP/AD

What time does the AP college football poll release?

not yet still waiting

What college football team is rank number 3 at ap poll?


What college football team is ranked number one in the AP poll?


How many national championships in football does Auburn University have?

1 (1957 AP)

Who votes in the AP college football poll?

60 people vote in the AP Poll each week. The voters are sports writers and broadcasters who have extensive history covering college football. The voters change every year and are invited by the Associated Press.

What position are you in for an AP chest x-ray?

Supine facing the x'ray machine

What is the MLB position in football?

This is the Middle Linebacker position

What is the position S in football?

the position s is the safety

What was Adrian Peterson's college football jersey number?

AP wore # 28 for the Sooners.

What does Ap mean in hockey?

If you are referring to media reports about football, it stands for AMERICAN PRESS

What college football team has the record for most consecutive weeks ranked in the AP?


What does the g position in football?

G can stand for goalkeeper in football.

Who won the 1978 national championship in football?

Alabama in the AP poll and USC in the UP poll.

What NCAA football team has the most consecutive weeks in the AP top 25?

Ohio State

What does k mean in football?

In American football it could be the position of the player called the kicker.

Is symbiosis group of institution ranked at 2 position in ap?

No, the Symbiosis Group of Institution is not ranked #2 in AP. In 2012, the #2 ranked university was the Yashwantrao Chavhan Maharashtra Open University.

What is a line backer?

Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

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