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ATH stands for athlete. This designation is given to high school football recruits by colleges when a position has not yet been assigned because their skills could put them in a number of different positions depending on team needs.

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Q: What is the football position ATH?
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What does ATH in college football?

ATH is the standard abbreviation for "athlete." It describes a college recruit that can play multiple positions, or a recruit who does not have a primary or finalized collegiate position. There is no actual football position for ATH; it is simply a placeholder until a player's position is determined.

What is the meaning of the football position 'ATH'?

It stands for "athlete." It is used in college football when recruiting - and before they have decided on a position for the player.

What does ATH in football mean?

athletic The ATH is a category used in college recruiting of high school players. It stands for "Athlete". These players usually have the skill set needed to play a number of different positions for the team they choose. When they arrive on campus a position is then determined, although usually people have an idea of which position the player will play when they are recruited.

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What does ATH stand for in football?

i think it stands for athlete and it is a recruiting term used to describe an athlete with multiple talents that could play different positions on the field

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