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Q: What is the font on the caddy's jumpsuit at the Masters golf tournament?
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What was the font used for the Vault 21 jumpsuits in Fallout New Vegas?

The 21 on the vault 21 jumpsuit is not a font. It is part of the texture of the suit and is not typeable text.

What is it called when a font has curved or extended edges?

A font with the little marks at the ends of the lines is a "serif" font. One such font is Times. A font without the marks is a "sans serif" font. One such font is Helvetica.

What is a font group?

A font is how text looks. A font group is a group of letters that have the same font.

How do you set font size?

In HTML: <font size=1>Smallest</font> <font size=3>Normal</font> <font size=7>Largest</font> The font tag can also have the color and face defined. <font size=3 color=red face=arial>Normal</font> However, the FONT tag is deprecated and has been removed from current versions of [X]HTML. Instead, use CSS to specify font size. For example: h1 {font-size: 2em; } div.fineprint { font-size: .85em; }

Specifies size of characters?

The font size.

Define appearance and shapes of letters?


What is the shape and style of text called?

It is called font.

What do font and font utilities do?

Font and font utilities help to make page interactive. Font color and size are very important in a web page.

What is the Myspace code to change font to modern sans serif?

<font face="sans serif">font</face font>

How do you get the roblox font?

The ROBLOX Logo is NOT a font. It was hand drawn, so there is no way to obtain the ROBLOX "font" because there is no font.

What font is the cp font?

It is a font called Bumbastika. Type in "Bumbastika Font" in Google to find a suitable site to download from.

What font software that has the stovetop font?

You can buy this font at