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Q: What is the flying thing that saids good year in an American football match?
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What shape has 4 saids called?


Signs hes not in love?

He saids Do you love me

How do you put Pokemon in your fields on pokefarm?

you just click the farm button and then click where it saids go to "your fields" on the right. after that click on the pokemon and it saids "move pokemon to field"

Information about the exosphere?

answere.con saids the exosphere is 34c

What does it mean when a woman saids I care about you?

Obviously she's interested in you.

How do you know if the guy your dating will cheat on you?

you know when a guy is cheating when you call him and he saids hes out with the family and you call his house and everyone is home! you know when you tell him you love him . he saids mmmhmm. and never saids it back. you also know when he doesnt kiss you or touch you and lies all the time!

If a recipe calls for vanilla do you have to use it?

yes, unless it saids optional....

What does cherry tell ponyboy about the socs at the movie?

she saids she loves dally

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They have Sex On a Virtual World O.o

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=Ho!!! Ho!!! Ho!!!!!!!=

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my psp could not internet play

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A pentagon is a plane (flat) figure with five sides.

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he puts his arms out or he saids he want to hug you.

What does it mean when a guy saids he doesnt like you enough to go out with you?

He thinks of you as a friend.

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Just follow what Cortona saids.

What does it mean when it saids Assigned on your IMVU ticket Status?

it means somebody is working on it.

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It means he doesn't find you attractive.

Who saids What is up dock?

A dumb person, because docks can't speak.

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Lil.wayne saids tunchi on his.songs because whrn he was younger his grandmother use to call him lil tunes. Since he is older, he took away the lil and just put tune then chi such as in gucci.

If you go to a site and it saids that This link appears to be broken does it mean the administor blocked the site?


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it is when you it saids dino gem reward

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"The Hemorrhoids"

How do you use cheat code in shaman king master of spirit 2?

wherer it saids code

Where do you enter cheats on black playstation 2?

When you make a family. there should be a place that saids code

What does it mean when a man saids I moved in with her but it's not permanent and it's not costing you a dime?

hes using you.