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The flight distance from Beijing, China to Xi'an, China is 567 miles / 913 km

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2012-09-11 13:56:08
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Q: What is the flying distance between Beijing and Xi'an?
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What is the flying time between Beijing and Xi'an?

The flight time from Beijing, China to Xian, China is about 1 hour, 8 minutes.

What is the flying distance between Xian China and Wuhan China?

The distance is about 250 miles

How many miles between Beijing and Xian China?

673 miles

What is the flying distance between Seattle WA and Xian China?

The flight distance from Seattle, Washington to Xi'an, China is 5,966 miles / 9,602 km

Can you get the Train from Beijing to Xian?

because my hometown is near Beijing, but I study in Xian. So every year, it happens several times.

What airlines fly from Beijing to Xian?

The Batwing

What is the flying time between Xian China and Wuhan China?

2 hours

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How many miles from Beijing to xian?

Distance between these two 1080.9 kms. China is a very beautiful place to visit. It has the beauty of the old times as well as advancements of the new times.

What is the distance from Beijing to Xian China?

Distance:The distance between Beijing and Xi'an, China is 568 miles (914 km).Flight:Beijing (BJS) to Xi an (SIA)Flight Duration 1 hour 40 mins

How long from Beijing to xian by train?

I am a Chinese. I study in Xian At least 12 hours, generally 14-16hours.

What is the distance between xian and dunhuang china?

To go from Xian in central China to Dunhuang in northwestern China, the travel distance is about 1423 kilometers. A flight there takes about 2 hours.

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