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Q: What is the first sport ever played in the US?
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What was the first sport ever televised in the US?

I believe it's football.

What was the first sport played in the US?

I heard from someone that is was Lacrosse.

First sport ever invented in the US?

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

Most Played Sport in US?

First is basketball, then football and baseball.

When was the first one direction song first played in the US?

No One Direction song have ever been played in the US.

What was the first sport televised in the US?

The first televised sport in the us is baseball

Is soccer the most played sport in the US?

No, but it is the most played sport (or popular) in the world.

What is the second most popular sport in the US?

The second most popular sport would be baseball. Although it is second for most popular SEEN, it is first for the most PLAYED sport.

What is the most sport played in the US?


What sport is played the most in US?


What is the least played sport in the US?


Sport most played in the us?


What is the US best played sport?


Which US sport is played on a gridiron?


What country was powerlifting first played in?

Powerlifting was actually first played in two countries, which are the US and the UK. It originated in the 1950s during the Olympic weightlifting sport.

What was the first televised sport in US?

The first telivised sport in the United States was baseball.

Is baseball a Pakistani sport?

no. it is not a Pakistani sport. it has only been played in the US.

Most favorite sport played in the US?

Baseball used to be the favorite sport played and watched in the US but now football is the most-watched sport, while BASKETBALL reigns supreme in terms of MOST PLAYED.

Most popular sport played by kid in the US?

The most sport played is baseball, basketball, cheerleader's, football.

What is the most played sport by kids in the US?


What was the sport most played in the US in the 1820s?


What was the most played sport of the 1920s?

In the US it was baseball.

What type of sport is mostly played in the US?


What sport requires a paddle but isn't played on the water?

Padel is a racquet sport in the US and Canada

What professional sport is played during summer in the US?