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white belt means u have no idea about kung fu

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Q: What is the first belt for Kung Fu?
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Can girls do Kung Fu fighting?

I'm a girl in kung fu and I'm a black belt.:)

What was made first Kung Fu or karate?

Kung fu.

Who was the first African American to get a black belt in Kung Fu?

Black belts are given in the Japanese arts. Kung fu does not necessarily give out rankings, that is a creation of the American systems.

Who was the first Kung Fu warrior?

The first kung fu warrior is unknown, how ever the first person to teach the shoalin monks kung fu was Bodhidharma who was a Buddhist monk from India.

How are the Kung Fu belt ranks different from each other?

Each kung fu place has a different ranking system (well, some are the same). The things they have in common though are that white belt is always first and black is always last. At different schools the belt color order are a little different. There is no way to tell you all of the different ways kung fu ranks the belts. I can tell you that my kung fu class starts with white, yellow, orange, green, blue...

What is the name of the temple where Kung Fu was first taught in china?

Shaolin temple was where kung fu was first introduced.

Does jack black know Kung Fu?

Yes he does he is a black belt

What does a second degree in Kung Fu?

Means you have mastered black belt 2

Do pandas know Kung Fu?

Pandas know kung fu only in the Kung Fu Pandauniverse.

Did Bruce Lee did the first Kung Fu movie?

No, Bruce Lee did not do the first Kung Fu movie. Enter the Dragon was the first serious film to do well in the US.

Where did kung fu start?

Kung Fu starts at a white and gold striped belt. You learn defenes and basic attak moves like kicking and punching. I'm a Kung Fu Master and I not a lot about it. well your wrong as you can know china stole the arts of kung fu from philippines and one student brought it to china to say he created it

What is real Kung Fu?

Kung fu comes from China. Shaolin monks teach real kung fu there.

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