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Its termed a "pitch"

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Q: What is the field where rugby game is played?
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What is a pitch in rugby?

Its the 100 meter by 70 meter field where rugby is played on. A rugby ground is a term used for all the facilities and the playing area - the pitch is where the game is played within the ground.

Is rugby played in a court of a forest?

Rugby is played on a leveled grass field known as a pitch.

Where does the word rugby for the game of rugby come from?

after Rugby, public school where the game was played, from city of Rugby in Warwickshire, central England.

What is the most common game played in England?

Rugby Rugby

Which American sport game is played in a stadium from another American sport game?

Soccer and football are both played on the same field, at least in high school. Also there is a certain college that has a football field on top of their baseball field. Also I think Football and Rugby are played on the same field

How many players are on the field for a Rugby league game?

26 players on a field

What is the field where a rugby game is played?

Its termed a "pitch"natural grass or grass sand composite. The game cannot be played on a hard surface such as dried mud or on synthetic grass

How did the name rugby come up?

From Rugby School in England, where the game was played.

Where in the United Kingdom was rugby formed?

The game was named after Rugby School where it was first played.

What sports are played in Malawi?

Soccer, rugby, field hockey, and crikett

Where did the name shaun come from?

on the rugby field on the rugby field

What is Rugby Basketball?

Rugby basketball is probably a modified game mixing rugby and basketball. I haven't played it but it sounds weird.

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